Month-to-Month / $179

3-Month Commitment / $169

6-Month Commitment / $159

12-Month Commitment / $149

One Year in Advance / $1,640 up front

10% discount for couples & families

CF Kids $105/month


(Remember these are monthly fee’s and the prices reflect the small group classes with at least one of the professional CrossFit strength & conditioning coaches. These are in no way comparable to a $9.99 “Globo-Gym” price scene where you are just renting equipment and not held accountable to show!)




• Paid in advance of service on the 1st or 15th day of each month.


• New memberships are prorated for the first month. Regular dues apply thereafter with payments made the first or fifteenth day of each month.


• Dues are paid by monthly automatic electronic payment (credit card or automatic checking account draft)


• Memberships are automatically renewed with the same terms at the end of the membership period.


• Written notice ( of cancellation 30 days prior to payment.


- - - Automatic payment is required for all memberships - - -